XYX Teatro Negro



J. Zunz

We contacted XYX on a whim. I knew they had broken up. I had read somewhere that there was an already recorded and unreleased LP. I wasn’t aware that one member (Anhelo) had relocated to Austin. We struck up an email conversation beginning in July of 2011. It took a while to recover the audio, and tie up loose ends, but the final product is something we are very proud of. The music sounds incredible, and a bit heavier than their previously released material. The run of 300 is housed in a gatefold hand printed LP, and comes with a full color zine made by the band. I asked the duo (Anhelo Escalante and Mou Ortiz) to describe the record, and to bring us up to date with the band post XYX…

Anhelo: Teatro Negro was conceived in a pesticide warehouse where we had our home studio in MTY, close to the end of the decade (2009). Some of the songs were recorded more than once and in different settings, some others were thought to be lost in the archives of an old hard drive, and in an outdated audio file type. I was – and still am beyond happy to know that someone is willing to edit this material and release it on a vinyl format, even after a year the project disbanded. We had worked very hard on making this happen. Not only I knew I deserved to see this difficult project finally released, but I felt that it was unfair if everyone else had to be deprived of hearing this as well. Most of the songs included in this LP were known, except for maybe one and a half that were created right in between our last weeks together. I am also delighted to include my favorite XYX song ever: S.P.Y. I think of this song as my best song of all times, and as a band anthem as well.

I am currently not working on any music projects, I am taking my well deserved sabbatical after almost a decade of playing in a number of bands, touring, writing records, and running a record label along with Mou. Right before violence in Monterrey practically dissolved our scene, I moved to Austin and took up my fiction writing career again.

Mou: Teatro Negro took more than 3 years of work. Right after our first 7″ (Sistema de Terminación Sexual) we had a very prolific period; this is when we started writing for an LP, playing a lot, getting good reviews and invitations to play outside of México. When we wrote enough songs to fill up a 12″ we recorded them all. It was 2009. Time passed, our performing got better, went touring, never stopped rehearsing, and then suddenly some of the songs that were recorded were not sounding as good as we could play them at the time. So we recorded them again. The whole album plus new songs. That was in 2010. After mixing the songs we realized there was something wrong. Some of the older songs had lost something along the way: we were trying too hard to get the songs perfectly recorded that the initial spontaniety and raw energy was not there in the later recordings. This was when Anhelo moved to Austin, I stayed in Monterrey. A long time passed before we started to think of how to finish Teatro Negro. In late 2011 after letting the songs sit and let our brains decompressed, it all fit. So the final output is that, more than 3 years of hard work, self doubt, hysteria, and the general crazyness of the life of two very different individuals.

We pressed 300, and they won’t last. Our distributors are taking a lot of these!