Wally Shoup Sax Trio + One Copaesthetics

Wally Shoup Sax Trio + One


Astral Spirits Batch #18 Jerman • Barnes Birchall / Smal / Webster More Eaze / A.F. Jones & Steve Flato Monas

Astral Spirits is incredibly honored to present a new recording from the one and only Wally Shoup. Longtime stalwart of the Seattle creative music scene Wally has played with a who’s who of folks in the worlds of jazz, improv, rock, noise & more…from his time with Davey Williams & LaDonna Smith in Birmingham, to his group Project W touring with Sonic Youth, and subsequent recordings with Thurston Moore. Also that doesn’t even get us to collaborations with Nels Cline, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Jeph Jarman and more. Shoup has built an incredible history, and this tape finds him

Wally Shoup Sax Trio + One finds Shoup in a slightly unconventional configuration exploring uncharted territory. Throughout Shoup & company use the language of free improv to reference Rova Sax Quartet or Art Ensemble of Chicago zones but expand and build upon these influences into exciting new territories…a truly unique sound. Shoup enlists some amazing new players on the Seattle free improv scene: Neil Welch (tenor sax, also a member of Bad Luck & King Tears Bat Trip), Jacob Zimmerman (tenor sax) & Carmen Rothwell (double bass). The four pieces on “Copaesthetics” cover a wide stylistic range, from the opening Ayler-esque crys in “Isoptopic Vestiges” they move into full blown Ascension style fire music, eventually flowing into beautifully melodic passages and further into the dark sounds of “Dark Luminescence.” An enlightening experience where the group shows their collective experience fully and honestly.

Review by Dave Segal for THE STRANGER