The Rebel Poems With Water Trilogy

The Rebel
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The Rebel Rose Mercie THE REBEL The Rebel The Rebel

Poems With Water Trilogy is the sixth release by The Rebel that we’ve had the pleasure of putting out. This is a compilation of the three “Poems With Water” releases. We did volume three “Clear and Lies in June” on cassette last year. So a few of these tracks have been released by us on tape. You’ve had to have gone pretty deep down the slsk hole to have both “Bard At Work” and “Get The Fucking Tories Out” as they were on CDrs only available at live performances mostly in London.  We had about 3 hours of material to choose from and thankfully I was bed ridden in upstate New York on a beautiful fall weekend last year. This a great record (or CD if you like those), and I hope you enjoy it. Please note we’ve also released some CDs of The Rebel’s stuff that is sold out in their original form. Those are located below.

There are 100 red copies of the LP for $2 more.

1.  Seurat
2.  Tim Dides Arowand
3.  Icon Tact
4.  Catch Me Daddy 3
5.  I Found You Amongst The Roses
6.  This Is How It Is
7.  Can I Pass
8.  Canal Wife 2
9.  As Pants The Hart
10.  Snaresound
11.  Inconsistency
12.  The Company March 15 Part 1
13.  Poems With Water