The Rebel Shingles (2 CDs)

The Rebel


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Shingles was a double tape pressed up for The Rebel’s US tour in the fall of 2014. Now it’s a double CD. Clocking in at well over 2 hours this  is Ben Wallers at his weirdest, rawest, and most haunting. Soundscapes, cover songs, bits of melodies, and radio tapings blend together to infect you too with Shingles.  Features a cover of Lou Reed’s “Sad Song” with Spray Paint backing up Ben.

This is a two disc set.
Disc 1
1.  Side A  (33:37)
2.  Side B  (30:56)

Disc 2
1.  Side C  (34:55)
2.  Side D  (34:29)