Sound American Book & Tape Bundle!

Sound American



Astral Spirits Batch #18 Jerman • Barnes Birchall / Smal / Webster More Eaze / A.F. Jones & Steve Flato Monas

A very limited (only 20 copies here!) and very special bundle from Sound American and Astral Spirits Tapes!

1 Copy of Sound American Volume 1: The First Three Issues


1 Copy of Sound American: The Cassette Issue

SA1: The Book features the best of Sound American’s first three issues: The Gospel Issue, The Networking Issue, and The John Cage Issue, and includes essays by and interviews of Rick Moody, Ben Hall, The BSC, Joan LaBarbara and Ne(x)tworks, Rob Haskins, LAMC, Shinkoyo Collective and more. It also features new work specially commissioned for the book by TECHNE and John King.

Sound American: The Cassette Issue is a beautifully packaged cassette version of two of Sound American’s favorite interview/fly-on-the-wall sessions: Nate Wooley’s long interview with Canary Records founder Ian Nagoski from the What Is American Music Issue and Philip White, C. Spencer Yeh, and Chris Pitsiokos shredding a page of Treatise from the Cornelius Cardew Issue.


Right now you can buy both together for only 20.00 plus shipping!!!

Sound American is an online magazine founded in 2012 by Editor Nate Wooley and Lisa Kahlden, President of DRAM/New World Records. Its aim was to promote a discussion of experimental and esoteric music through the words and actions of the people that make it–falling in the center of the populist and the academic. To date, Sound American has released sixteen issues covering topics from Christian Wolff, Anthony Braxton, and John Cage to Deep Listening, Ritual in Music, and Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise. SA is also involved in releasing print runs of its issues as well as special projects like the Atlas of A History of Female Music Electronic Music and first recordings of composer Alex Mincek (of Zs) and Mary Halvorson/Ron Miles/Greg Saunier Trio. For more info visit Sound American on the web.