Mike Majkowski Days and Other Days

Mike Majkowski
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We have 5 copies of Mike Majkowski’s excellent “Swimming in Light” LP that we will be giving away randomly to folks that pre-order via bandcamp OR our website! All you have to do is pre-order Majkowski’s “Days and Other Days” LP between now and May 25th and you will be entered into the drawing!

We’re incredibly excited to announce Mike Majkowski’s return to Astral Spirits, after his brilliant “Neighbouring Objects” tape that came out in 2015! “Days and Other Days’ is Majkowski’s 7th proper solo release following on the heels of the equally magnificent releases “Bright Astonishment of the Night” on Bocian Records and “Swimming in Light” on Entr’acte Records.

Quite possibly the most astounding and darkest (in a good way) album we’ve heard from Majkowski yet! He continues to explore the intersection between acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. Diving deeper into repetitive structures and their mutations, as well as resonant frequencies of acoustic instruments. Majkowski builds off the foundational aspects he’s explored in previous releases but “Days and Other Days” strips off some of the excess and pares things down even further. It becomes almost impossible to tell what instruments are being played and is just about the sounds. Think Jon Gibson meets the Necks meets Lawrence English. A truly stunning work.

Once again this album was recorded & mixed entirely by Majkowski over the course of a few months in 2016 and beautifully mastered by the one and only (and previously mentioned!) Lawrence English

Mike Majkowski “Days and Other Days” is out May 26, 2017 in an edition of 300 LP’s with digital download.

Mike Majkowski — Double bass, analog synthesizer, percussion, piano, vibraphone, samples & field recordings.

Recorded, constructed & mixed by Mike Majkowski. Berlin, February – June 2016.

Mastered by Lawrence English.

Thanks to Dale Gorfinkel & John Wilton