Jerman • Barnes Karst

Jerman • Barnes
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Astral Spirits Batch #18 Birchall / Smal / Webster More Eaze / A.F. Jones & Steve Flato Monas Sound American

We’re just beyond thrilled to present brand new material from the incredible Jerman • Barnes duo! “Karst” features all new music from the duo recorded in Arizona & Louisville, each side showcases the duo’s incredibly unique sound.

Jerman • Barnes have been on quite the tear lately, starting with the stunning “Matterings” for Erstwhile in 2015 before moving onto the two amazing 2016 releases “Goethe” on Confront the “Versatile Ambiance” LP on Idea Intermedia where they introduce additional musicians such as Ken Vandermark, Bret Berry and more. “Karst” is the first (and probably not last) recording from the duo released in 2017. These recordings were made just prior to their performances at the 2016 No Idea Festival here in Austin, TX. Originally this release was going to consist of some live recordings (also incredibly stunning) but much to my delight, Jerman & Barnes, feeling productive & inspired gave us the two sides that make up “Karst”

There is little I can say to add to what so many folks already have. Jeph & Tim are amazing people and amazing musicians and I’m so proud to be able to add to their discography with this release. If you have enjoyed their previous outings you will not be disappointed. This is more of the same incredible electro-acoustic recordings that we have come to expect from these two.

Jerman • Barnes “Karst” is out March 17, 2017 in an edition of 150 cassette tapes (w/digital download).