Ixtab Compilation Series Volume 1

Ixtab Compilation Series
  • $16 Vinyl 12"

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Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1

First in a series of compilations from Monofonus Press is this lovely 4 song 12″ EP, sure to compliment both the DJ’s record bag and the home listener’s collection.

Opening track “Molecular Psychology” by Interbrain, duo of Willie Burns (WT Records) and Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin Records), is a 14- minute Electro-Kraut caliche stomper to keep the mosquitoes riled up around the sweat-drenched masses. Instant classic.

The Stockholm duo Empfänger (Käften‘s TowLie and Daniel Isling of Sling and Samo) swarm in with throbbing kick drums, buzzing bass sequences and some meth-crazed psychopath vocals on their Acid Techno track “Charles.”

Side B opens up with the Cosmic Disco track “Tsch” by Welsh producer Samoln (Sam Bardsley of Valley Sound Records). This one would fit in superbly on a Baldelli mix with its thumping tropical bongos, dark bassline, and dulcimer melodies.

Closing the record is the epic “The Terrible Comet Salt” by Idea Fire Company & BRRR. Scott Foust (Swill Radio) and friends team up with Darren Harris (The Shadow Ring) to create a brilliant and strange piece of music. Its seesaw, wind instrument loops and ascending piano waves hypnotize you while Harris orates a bleak and seemingly appropriate tale.

Curated by Sam De La Rosa. Mastered by Sean McCann. Ltd to 300 copies.

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