Thor Harris – A Post Apocolyptic Tale of Friendship IF 10

Thor Harris – A Post Apocolyptic Tale of Friendship


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Monofonus Press is proud to present the second IF series release by the godly Thor Harris. The book is a collection of drawings that were done during a year plus of touring with Swans, Shearwater, and Bill Callahan. The music was made much quicker than that. Morgan Coy made the music with Thor. Rob Halverson of Tree World Recording, recorded the stuff and mixed it. It’s a twisted package of goods. Here’s what a few excellent people besides us have to say about it.

“If you survive another few minutes of this living hell to look at this book, you may find that everyone has a job to do, post-apocalypse. It may be with the Shark Church, it may be Fucking, it may be just Wandering Alone In the Desert, but you will find a place. Friendship lives even in a world of death. Thor taught me this. We all know that books should be burned, and this one is no exception. Throw it on that mountain of plague-wasted bodies that’s piling up outside and light it up, but it won’t do any good. It will still fill your head with dark visions after it’s gone, and you will find yourself strangely comforted by them.”

— Jordan Geiger (Rockstar/Artist/Huge Inspiration to All)

“The Grotesqueries populating Thor’s riveting visions are as beautiful as they are monstrous. It’s a warped beauty that can only come from someone who’s able to stare into a pit of despair and spot a glimmer of light.”

–Jordan Zivitz (Brilliant Montreal Music Journalist)

“From sea life to forests to the baking deserts, Thor’s surreal landscapes feature a crafty assortment of priests, devils and other odd visitors. It’s a bleak, surreal, yet charming vision. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more cocks.”

–Robert Boane (Brilliant Hilarious Homosexual)

“Think about a time your dog saw you naked. You might get shy, embarrassed, then feel juvenile at your self-consciousness, and eventually laugh for even considering the dog’s opinion. Through Thor’s visual stories you’ll run the gamut of naked-in-front-of-your-dog emotions. Thor’s drawings make you simultaneously want to take a fieldtrip to his brain as you want to run screaming far from it. Admit it or not, you’ll like it.”

— Katie Angermeie (Soon-to-be-famous Author)

“Why is it all to easy to recognize the world Thor depicts in his drawings? These nightmare landscapes and creatures are too beautiful to be pure farce, too outrageous to be serious, and too frightening not to take seriously. Ain’t that America.”

— Jonathan Meiburg (Rockstar/Ornithologist)

“I love Thor Completely. That means also loving his depraved and disturbing images. I guess he’s just working something out.”

–Gretchen Phillips (Rockstar/Furniture-maker/Comedic Genius)

“Not only is Thor a God, he is a wicked artist. Enjoy his twisted mind.”

–Kim Burke (Rockstar/Playwright)

“Hold me.”

–Bill Callahan (Rockstar/Writer)