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House Reverends

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House Reverends are three mysterious bros from deepest South London. They were raised on a diet of Soul & Boogie 12’s at 33rpm, hood rap, Disco, drum machine House, Dancehall 7’s, Black Metal tapes, Jungle tape packs, noise, RnB, champagne, mental illness-strength weed and are armed with a substantial collection of vintage electronics. Featuring a member of a prominent transatlantic noise collective, a well known producer/DJ from the UK Bass/What-Do-U-Call-It scene and a guy who is well good at keyboards…

This release is a collection of their early, dubbed-out cassette jams: Equal parts Freddie Jackson, Suicide, DJ Screw, Sparks, Tascam & Roland. It was improvised & recorded to four-track, at night, using analogue & digital synthesizers, sampler, drum machine & vocoder during the cold and dark winter of 2010/11.

*pro screenprinted cover.