Hand Painted Dan Melchior LP Edition of 30 Available

Hand Painted Dan Melchior LP

Dan Melchior has been nice enough to hand paint 30 LP covers for this release. Each one is unique, signed, and numbered.

This edition will ship with a shrink wrapped standard edition and digital download as well.

“Guitar player and singer from Shepperton, England (born 1972) who experiments with garage rock, blues and country music.”
Ok that seems simple enough right?
First release (to my knowledge) was a split with Billy Childish in 1998.
Fast forward to right now, and it’s a major accomplishment to even compile a list of releases. Bouncing between heavy hitting labels like In The Red, Siltbreeze, Troubleman Unlimited, SS, etc…¬† Between solo releases, and bands like ‘Das Menace’ and ‘Broke Revue’ at my count he is sitting somewhere around:
39 Albums
28 Singles/EPs.
So I think this is his 40THish ALBUM!
When this record showed up unsolicited let’s just say it was a no brainer. “Born Under a Grey Sign” shows Dan confident enough to do whatever he damn well pleases. He’ll go from singing a Sea Shanty directly into drum machine chaos, all the while keeping things rooted somehow in his brand of folk/rock/garage whatever. We love this record, and it’s an honor to release it.