German Army Endless Phonics

German Army

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Other than echoing the production and musical assemblage of a certain English Industrial band that was around in the ’70s, little is really known about German Army other than its knack for self-produced recordings, built mostly on experimentations with synthetic rhythms, ethereal melodies and heavily modulated vocals – when present.

Since its formation a few years ago, the group has already put out an extensive list of releases on the following labels: Hobo Cult (Tape), Skrot Up (LP and Tape), Night People (Tape), Beko DSL (download), AMDisc (download), Clan Destined (Tape), KillShAman (cd), Nute/Transmet (Tape), No Kings (Tape), Chondritic Sound (Tape), Electric Voice (Tape), Family Time (2x cd), Six Six Sixties (Tape), A Giant Fern (LP), Dub Ditch (Tape), Belaten (Tape) and Family Time (2xCD compilation).

Even with this relentless output, the only constant thread between each release is dark timbres, macabre subject matter and allusions to a world long gone or never realized. This is uneasy listening.