Dan Melchior Born Under A Grey Sign

Dan Melchior

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“Guitar player and singer from Shepperton, England (born 1972) who experiments with garage rock, blues and country music.”

Ok that seems simple enough right?

First release (to my knowledge) was a split with Billy Childish in 1998.

¬†Fast forward to right now, and it’s a major accomplishment to even compile a list of releases. Bouncing between heavy hitting labels like In The Red, Siltbreeze, Troubleman Unlimited, SS, etc… ¬†Between solo releases, and bands like ‘Das Menace’ and ‘Broke Revue’ at my count he is sitting somewhere around:
39 Albums
28 Singles/EPs.
So I think this is his 40THish ALBUM!
When this record showed up unsolicited let’s just say it was a no brainer. “Born Under a Grey Sign” shows Dan confident enough to do whatever he damn well pleases. He’ll go from singing a Sea Shanty directly into drum machine chaos, all the while keeping things rooted somehow in his brand of folk/rock/garage whatever. We love this record, and it’s an honor to release it.
PREORDER Out November 11th, 2016