Beech Creeps S/T LP

Beech Creeps

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Beech Creeps Marriage Spray Paint



So you want to hear about Beech Creeps. Man, lemme tell you:

Traipsing along the cold sand, crunching shells, I spied three shadowy bodies faintly through the morning mist. I stood, frozen in my footprints, as these approached and passed and none of them said a word, just looked past me by a thousand yards. These zombies in various states of undress. Hides tanned by sun, hair crusted with salt, eyes alive with fire. No sleeves on their shirts, no fingers on their gloves, no shoes on their feet. These were true Creeps:

PP Coolata, regular member of mathy spazz-rockers Ex Models and stoner krautpunks Knyfe Hyts

Yuka Mofongo, bassman for Doug Gillard, formerly of grunge legends The Library is on Fire, VA synth-rockers The Sad Lives of the Hollywood Lovers, and indie darlings Pterodactyl

Ron Llave, formerly of pop band/dance company People Get Ready and electro-world-beaters Yeasayer

These three limbs have combined to form a rock-n-roll Chimera. The kind that breathes fire.

After these Creeps had passed and after I watched them disappear again into the mist, I glimpsed poking out of the sand just the corner of a vinyl 12″, covered in suds. Pulling it from the beech like some Sword in the Stone I hurried home to roll the sucker and goddamn! If it wasn’t like Mötörhead kicking Superchunk’s ass and Soundgarden cheering them on. Or the Melvins eating the Cure. Real rock and roll with juice and bile and sweat and heart.

Word is Beech Creeps formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2013. Despite being devoted to drinking rum and lazing on hammocks, they quickly became a favorite at venues like Death By Audio and Shea Stadium for their balls out live shows. And after releasing in rapid succession the digital/cassettes Meet the Creeps and The Crashing Booms, Beech Creeps has emerged from the studio (the studio in this case being the immense gallery at Bushwick’s Secret Project Robot) with Beech Creeps, forthcoming on Monofonus Records. Recorded by Jonathan Schenke who has worked with Parquet Courts and PC Worship, this self-titled album captures the glory of the Creepsound– at times sublime, crusty, swirling and headbanging. This is a record of solid rock, liquid water, floating detritus and violent storms. Lightning and thunder and the beautiful calm that follows. It growls, it screams, it thumps, it drives. Yes, you are caught in the ocean whirlpool of rock n’ roll, straight down to the garbage disposal at the bottom and you can’t escape until it lets you go, right about the 39 minute mark.