Astral Spirits Batch 19 DeDionyso/Meek/Rico, Cyril Bondi & d'incise, Gerrit Hatcher, Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen

Astral Spirits Batch 19



One quick, economic stop for three of the Astral Spirits cassettes from the nineteenth batch!!  For streaming, purchasing digital or purchasing individual tapes please follow each link below to Bandcamp.

De Dionyso/Meek/Rico — From The Land of the Wicked King
cassette + digital download

Cyril Bondi & d’incise — Mem, Aleph & Lassis performed by THE PITCH and BONDI-D’INCISE-MAJKOWSKI
cassette + digital download

Gerrit Hatcher — Parables For The Tenor
cassette + digital download

Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen — See Creatures
cassette + digital download