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The Roller is about as brutal as it gets in Austin, delivering a punishing pounding of lead-heavy guitars and soul rattling bass and drums behind the grueling howl Mike Morowitz. It’s an all-consuming barrage, inescapable in its plodding doom metal fury that pushes each note with maximum intensity and breaks into a driving maelstrom. The Roller recently released their eponymous debut EP on Monofonus Press, and the songs are epic both in scope and length, a five song set that unfolds like the apocalypse crushing everything in it’s wake. You can experience the wrath of the Roller for yourself this Friday, September 5 at Emo’s alongside Weedeater and Lions of Tsavo. Prepare for impact.

Profile: The Roller

Year Formed:


Members/Instruments played:

Ed Davis – bass, Mike Morowitz- voice, Jeremy Jenkins – drums, Theron Rhoten – guitar

Former Bands/Side Projects:

Axes To the Sky (Theron)


4 song demo 2007, S/T debut on Monofonus Press 2008
coming soon…..
Split 7″ on Raven’s Eye Records
Split 12″ with Samothrace on I’m Better Than Everyone Records


Nature, History, Tones and Vibrations.

Strangest comment or comparison ever made about your music:

We’ve had someone come up to us in L.A. and tell us we made their ear bleed. Literally!
The bartender at the Samuri Duck in Eugene, Or. said pieces of the ceiling were falling off
during our set. Get ready to rumble was never a truer statement.

Favorite local bands:

All of our friends band rule except…………………… just kidding we love you too..

Favorite local venue:

Emo’s & Room 710. Shit we like em’ all.

Upcoming shows scheduled:

Sept 5th at Emo’s with Weedeater & Lions of Tsavo
Sept 12th at 710 with Samothrace, Fuck Work, and The Maelstrom
October 6th @ Emos w/ Saviours , D.S.B. (japan) & Sacred Shock

Shows over the next month that you’re excited to see:

OM, Witchcraft, and Graveyard.

Some of your favorite albums from the past year:

Saviours “Into Abadon”, Graveyard “S/T, Skeleton Witch ” Beyond The Permafrost”
OM” Pilgrimage” Funeral Mist “Salvation” Samothrace demo

Ideal band (past or present) to open for on a national tour:

Uriah Heep circa 72′ . Such killer jams -The Gypsy, Bird of Prey, Walking in your Shadow etc.
My mind wouldn’t have enough time to recover before it was blasted again and again.
If your not familiar and dig heavy music it really doesn’t get any heavier than this.

Austin Sound questions:
We’ve been really impressed with Monofonus Press’ output in any number of media. How did y’all get hooked up with them?

Morgan Coy is good friend of ours. As far as the collaboration goes we’re all friends so it made sense to keep it in the family.

Top five greatest “rollers” (in any context) of all time?:

Tommy Chong, Mark Gonzales, Goblin, Man is the Bastard, and us of course.

Song Introduction:

1. Zugunruhe- Tune in and listen. Let the vibrations crash over you like the oceans of time and space.
Suddenly consciousness occurres. Realizing your journey you set flight. With your path before you, you begin you quest to forever occupy the sky. Gone gone gone beyond gone beyond beyond………….

Sound Off:

Blacker than a char broiled burger. Heavier than a gnarwhale. We maintain a Beach Party Attitude

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