Over the Hill on the Runout Groove

Over The Hill are a new Austin-based band whose self-titled debut album is the very first release on that city’s new Monofonus Press (a joint record label/press). They’re an Americana band at heart, but there’s a lot of other elements going on, some ambient electro sounds, some hints of heavier grungier influence and a healthy dose of indie rock experimentation. My first thoughts comparison wise were of Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, and maybe a bit of Flaming Lips, but overall despiste the fact that the band are mining some musical routes that are far from uncharted territory, the record still sounds remarkably fresh. The main songwriter, singer and guitarist is Morgan Coy, who’s also released a book called Days Uv Bloat on Monofonus, which covers a similar sort of Nick Cavey dark gothic romanticism that the album does, seems like he could be quite a talent, and so I really hope that this one does well despite being the first release on this label. More info and songs available over at Monofonus or at the Over The Hill myspace.