Diagonals on Austin Sound

The Diagonals slice an infectious cross between classic garage guitar jangle and Eighties underground dance beats. The quintet unloads more than their fair share of quirky anthems, and over the past year has solidified with a distinct sound that adds some welcome new textures to the familiar guitar and synth combination with their touches of surf licks and deadpan delivery. Diagonals are preparing the release of their debut EP this week and full-length in the fall, but you can catch them live any number of times this holiday weekend, including Saturday night July 5 at the new Monarch Events Center with Pataphysics, Silver Pines, Cari and Jason of Belaire, Hollywood Gossip, and Bear Claw, and again Sunday, July 6 with a free show at Red 7 alongside the Strange Boys and Strange Attractors.

Profile: Diagonals

Year Formed:


Members/Instruments played:

Ryan-guitar, Todd-drums, Wiley-keyboards, Nate-bass, Steve-guitar and vocals

Former Bands/Side Projects:

Steve was the nineteenth and fattest bass player for Austin legends Black Lipstick.


We have an ep coming out July 4th and a full length LP in the fall on edible vinyl.


13th floor elevators, old REM, Sonic Youth, Tom Petty, Velvet Underground, Dick Dale

Strangest comment or comparison ever made about your music:

Dude once told me “it sounds like shit”. Thanks alot dad.

Favorite local bands:

Horse + Donkey, Yellow Fever, Follow That Bird, Octopus Project, Golden Boys

Favorite local venue:

Beerland has always been very supportive and done a nice job with the sound.

Upcoming shows scheduled:

July 4th big time party at this warehouse art space called the Complex, July 5th at the Monarch with Pataphysics, July 6th at Red 7 with Strange Boys.

Ideal band to open for on a national tour:

The Stones

Austin Sound questions:
Top 3 favorite geometrically inspired songs?

Most of the songs are based on some sort of love triangle. Only one song is based on a square – “Clownfucker”

Y’all always have amazing show posters. Who usually does the artwork for y’all?

Ryan has done some and Wiley.

Song Introduction:

”Clones” is about meeting a clone of myself (Steve) and he destroys my relationship with my girlfriend. She leaves and I’m left fucking myself. Then he kills me and starts a new life with my shit.

Sound Off:

Drinking problem weed smoking three a.m. holy mountain donkey kong galaga e chord a chord d chord change married bald chubby cigarette video store. Mexican short stack wizard gamer for hire strands leading packs of wolves. Frontiers white and black stunned and perplexed magnet chicks buried in a paragraph divorced from the 90’s. Four levels of knowledge forged in disco octaves covering hotheads hotheads new guy old amp. Mormon lizard hatched from eggs meant for scrambling beat up kits beat down shits trading days for less.

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