Dec 02 2014


We have 17 great new zines ready to go. Featuring some familiar names like Tim Kerr, Ralph White, Jules Buck Jones, Andy Rihn, Caroline McCloskey, and Grant Cross. These will be available at the 2014 Austin Zine Fest on Sunday, December 14th from 12-4p at the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center. We will be selling these online eventually, but you should pop over on Sunday and pick them up now. Here is a list with a brief description of each..

Personal Growth
by Elissa Ball
The Bible of Boner Jokes

by Grant Cross & Amanda Mullee
a collection of modern-lessnesses
by Stacia Bowley
a touching short story about death

Press that Button!
by Karl Anderson
poetry for men & lovers of masculinity

Fixations #2
by Caroline McCloskey
reflections on long-term fixations

Weapons of Mass Destruction
by Tim Kerr
coloring book

Assembly of Wonder
by Heather McLeod
poetry of place

Dreamscapes #1
by Nurse Matzke
a step on the path of dreams

Animal Animal
by Jules Buck Jones & Audrey Stewart
doubly named animal bios

Juices Loose
by Darin Shuler
kooky inky drawings

Affirmations of Summer 2014
Belinda Pearl
Positive life changes are possible
A Topophiliac’s Delight
Ralph White
90’s bike journey thru Africa

Abracadabra Zine
photography of street sleepers

Auto Parts
Justine Kurland
Photography of auto parts

Crossing Paths
Ben Lynch
road collision stories with animals

Crańeo Project
Sam De La Rosa
Death and skulls all around

Septic Ox Esquire
Andy Rihn, Curtis Jenkins,Mick Santafosa, & Mike Parsons
Exquisite corpse boobs/balls