Jul 08 2009
Vote for us! By JULY 21!


The venerable Austin Chronicle has a little thing they like to call Best of Austin, and we thought that maybe some of you might want to, like, VOTE for us?

No-fooling, we think we deserve “Best Party of the Year” for Woolworth’s Harsh Realm: A Rennaissance Affaire, the kick-ass party we threw during South by Southwest. It may sound like braggin’, but come on, there was a whole legend, and a real wizard, and a warehouse-sized dragon sculpture with an enormous gaping mouth that moved and a huge bloody eyeball that popped out.  Not to mention all the handmade games, the free-flowing beer and Dragon’s Blood cocktails, and, of course, the music. Follow this link to experience the magic all over again, and if you need more, we have video proof.

And you could also say that we are the “Best Scenester/Mover and Shaker,” because what does that really mean anyway?

All you have to do is CLICK RIGHT HERE to cast your ballot!!!

Also, you should feel free, nay compelled, to look at the work of our fine artists before you cast your ballot. There is a lot of talent – musical, visual, and literary – in this town, and a lot of examples are just at the tip of your fingers, collected for your convenience on this here website.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


Monofonus Press