Jan 24 2011
Side 2 of Tim Kerr’s Mixtape

Tim Kerr’s new book comes with a mixtape of Tim’s favorite tracks from his many bands. If you don’t have a cassette player, you can listen, cassette-style, right here!

[flash http://monofonuspress.com/monoWP/player/tape/tk-mix-b.swf w=600 h=985]

Here’s the track listing for Side 2 of Tim’s tape:
1) “Look to Tomorrow” Now Time Delegation
2) “One Step Closer” Poison 13
3) “Godzilla vs. King Baby” Lord High Fixers
4) “AngelHead” MonkeyWrench
5) “Joe McCarthy’s Ghost” Jack O’Fire
6) “White Streak” King Sound Quartet
7) “History” Big Boys
8) “Theme from the Ballad of Jessie Sawyers” Lord High Fixers