Nov 16 2010
Secrecy Is No Longer a Secret

If you had the major misfortune of missing out on Andy Rihn: The Tiger’s Last Toothball this past week, you’ll never truly know what it is to have a vibrating pile of denim read to you or to wash down a breadsnake with a tequila-absinthe concoction. You will, however, be able to watch the new videos we premiered for Secrecy, so console yourself with that. This first one was directed by Teleportal Readings art director Scott Gelber, and stars some of the ladies of Austin Video Bee – Elana Farley, Sally Bergom, Amanda Joy, Matti Sloman, and Michelle Devereux – as well as Deena Oh, Marie Butcher, and Jess Sauer. To listen to Secrecy’s entire album, which is included in Andy Rihn’s book, go here.

Secrecy “To The Left” from Scott Gelber on Vimeo.