Aug 14 2008
Pillow Queens!

They’ll be on tour in September.
Their Record will be released sooooooon…

Much like the title of their debut LP Kookoolegit, the Pillow Queens are an incongruous mix that makes for musical sense. Brought together by chance, the self-proclaimed “reality band” comprised of Duncan Malashock (vocals, guitars), Will Slack (vocals, guitars), Carolyn Cunningham (drums) and Eric Loftis’ (bass) was formed in 2007. At first glance, they’re a bus stop—strangers on a stage—then comes a song like Regional Flute with a captivating rhythm that unifies all their singular talents. By turns ironic, incredulous, gleeful and reflective, the twelve tracks on Kookoolegit build on each other like chapters in a book, culminating in a tale that brings humor to the mundane, and finds meaning in fragmented images of a subverted reality.