Mar 30 2009

Monofonus Press is pleased to announce the grand opening of NONOFONUS, an edited selection of non-Monofonus Austin bands like Pataphysics, Cavedweller, the Crack Pipes, Daniel Frances Doyle, and Reverse X-Rays, to name but a few. Plus, our online store still boasts a dazzling array of must-haves from Monofonus artists, including musicliterature, hand-screened T-shirts and bandanas, and blank books, as well as Monofonus flash-drives equipped with our entire music catalog.

Monofonus Press began with the intention of acting as a conduit for friends to collaborate. With our IF Series, we bring together artists working in literary, musical, and visual mediums to produce beautifully curated book-and-album packages. Collaboration is still our aim, but with the new addition of Nonofonus, we are widening the lens to encompass the rest of Austin’s varied music scene. We are new, and constantly evolving. Check back with us for upcoming releases, parties, and generally cool shit.