Apr 03 2012
Led Er Est-Turritopsis Blues and Trans Upper Egypt- North African Berserk 12″ available today

Finally the dust has settled around here after SXSW. We had a great time, and met some wonderful people. Big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. We’ll have some sort of compilation audio/visual documentation of it very soon.

Today we are pleased to announce the official release of two new pieces of vinyl. We have the debut 12″ of Italy’s Trans Upper Egypt titled North African Berserk, and a 10″ one sider from our old friends Led Er Est. We’ve been amping up our screenprinting around here with the help of Bearded Lady, and both of these look really great. Check them out and consider buying them in our store. Videos for both releases under the pics.

Stay tuned we got a bunch of new stuff in the pipe too…

Trans Upper Egypt – TLW ARE DEAF from tab_ularasa on Vimeo.