Jul 10 2010
Jules Buck Jones: Everglades

Jules Buck Jones: Everglades

Sunday, July 11, 6-10pm

The Monofonus Compound

610 Vermont Road

Austin, Texas

Monofonus‘ midsummer madness continues this weekend with Everglades, a one-night art show – complete with live Everglades reptiles – celebrating the publication of artist Jules Buck Jones‘ book of the same name.

Conceived of as a continuous drawing spanning 98 pages, Jules’ mind-blowing mixed-media book Everglades chronicles his residency in Everglades National Park in the summer of 2009. During this residency, Jules spent the park’s off-season living alone in a bunker where scorpions and frogs covered the walls and hawks circled the front yard. He passed his days canoeing among alligators, crocodiles, sharks, and 15-foot Burmese pythons and his nights searching for the rare Florida Panther. The work this wildlife inspired combines the illustrative precision of field guides with the expressive nuance of nonrepresentational art.

Both large-scale works from the book and newer work will be on display at the Monofonus compound for one night only on Sunday, July 11, from 6pm to 10pm. We’ll have free beer and slithering special guests, and the book will be available for pick-up by Kickstarter supporters and purchase by those who missed the chance to pre-order.