Sep 29 2010
Everything We’ve Worked on Is Free!!!!!

We’ve put practically every project that Monofonus Press has produced up here on this site for you to listen to, read, and watch for free. So! If you’ve ever been curious about what it is exactly that we do here, explore the Works bar above and find out. Click on the image of a book and expand it to full size. Read the whole thing if you want, or buy it if you would rather hold something beautiful in your hands. Listen to the whole albums. Watch the videos (we’re still working on posting all of them up, but there are plenty so far). It’s all here. Use our new share button and spread the word if you like something that you see!

If you’re looking for a place to start, take a look at some of our most recent releases: Andy Rihn’s The Tiger’s Last Tooth, Jules Buck Jones’ Everglades, and Ralph White’s The Mongrel’s Hoard.