Nov 10 2010
Diana Welch on The Tiger’s Last Tooth

Come to the Monofonus Compound (610 Vermont Road, Austin, TX) tonight – Wednesday, November 10 – or Saturday, November 13, at 8pm to get your mitts on a copy of Andy Rihn’s new book, The Tiger’s Last Tooth, and explore the bizarre environment Andy Rihn has created with his own two hands. Admission is $5 or a hammer and a promise (any hammer will do, but we get to choose the promise) and includes Andy’s book, the new Secrecy CD, tattoos, breadsnakes, and tequila from Ambhar Tequila. We’ll also be premiering Secrecy’s new music videos, directed by Mike Aho, Scott Gelber, and Eric Power.

Here’s a book report on The Tiger’s Last Tooth from Diana Welch, co-author of The Kids Are All Right:

I recommend reading this book in the bathroom. The opposite of “impossible to put down,” it is best digested with many breaks. There are parts of it where I found myself wondering how much of it is true. I can see Andy Rihn scaring the milk out of somebody with a bread rattlesnake, or writing down 63 famous sayings he overheard homeless people say. Just as easily, I can see him making all those things up. His parables, poems, pasts and plays could be described as a series of comedy sketches full of disfigured people. The thing about Andy Rihn is that he looks at the party from the perspective of the brownie. Also, in his poem “I Fucked a Laser Once,” he solves an age-old conjugation problem by replacing the past-tense of “cum” with “cummed” instead of “came,” forever clearing up any ambiguity that might arise in certain situations, such as “cumming into a laser light show.” All in all, I love this guy.