Philip K Glass Dick

p k g d is a project that came about as a result of experimentation with accessing universal god-consciousness by coating transistors from scrapped Casio keyboards with high doses of LSD and ingesting them. Thus the true nature of things was exposed, the veil of the black iron prison was lifted and a glow of pink light permeated Stefan Wicks’ existence for a number of months. When the glow had passed Stefan found himself stranded in the harsh realm of reality with a yearning inside to once again be bathed in that other worldly light. In an attempt to tell of the things he had seen, and to once again come close to existence beyond the known physical plane, Stefan began writing and recording music as Philip K Glass Dick. p k g d channels the power of the universe via synthesizer circuits, midi messages, and 16 bit digital rack mount effects. p k g d strives to honor the spirit of Terry Reilly, Brian Eno, and various men named Klaus who have chosen in their creative output to seek, rather than to know, and to remove themselves from the bondage of the 12 bar blues.



PKGD TASTES LIKE FENNEL from Nick Barbeln on Vimeo.