Michelle Devereux


Michelle Devereux is a multimedia artist born and cultivated in the “Lone Star State” who combines familiar media, humorous subject matter, and obvious archetypes in the forms of drawing, painting, installation, and video. Her work is concerned with mimicking reality to the point of absurdity, the search for the quintessential, and finding beauty in the utterly embarrassing. She also enjoys playing drums and tap dancing.

She has exhibited her work in New York, Dallas, and Austin and draws her inspiration from junk piles, state fairs, and the talents of the people around her.

A frequent contributor to Mononofnus’ IF Series, Michelle provided the visual art for IF04, a collaboration between Michelle, Karen Davidson, and the Pillow Queens. Now, with IF08: Turn This Book Right Side Up: An Interactive Guide to Self-Improvement, Michelle brings a new element to the IF Series, introducing video art as the third medium to accentuate her words and drawings.

Behold, the companion video game for a Michelle Devereux’s series of drawings “Dudes on Pizza”. Surf your pizza to save the future of humanity? The music is by SssstormshelterrrR (the band which Michelle drums in). The game was made by Morgan Coy….

For more about Michelle, check out this video: