EAST TOUR 2014: Route A

If the weather is nice, this is an awesome path.  Ride your bike.  You will feel good and your mind will open with the movement.  This route starts you out in a crappy strip mall on Berkman.  Then you’ll hit up some home studios and other alternative locations before you get to the beehive energy of Canopy and Bolm studios.  Don’t miss the last stop with the holograms.

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1A.   Cement loop #387-394

I love this kind of place and especially when it grows in a deteriorating strip mall.   They are in the far corner of the parking lot, and their sign is small.  Keep looking, you’ll find it.  There are five or more studios to see here, plus performance art going from 5pm-5pm Nov 15-16.

2A.   Liz Potter Photography  #39

I am drawn into the process and the stories that are wrapped inside of these photographs. Off the beaten path, grab a coffee sandwich or beer at Cherrywood café which is only a few blocks away.

3A.    Slugfest  #373-374

Places like this are a rare and righteous thing. Excellent prints are made here. Also, they share their tools and craft with people looking to make their own prints, so that might be a another reason for you to check it out. Flatbed Press (#378) is just down the road, and they also make great prints there and there’s another gallery in the building that is worth checking out.

4A.   Romani Gallery  #370

I’m guessing this will feel a little weird, but that’s an important part of the art experience. Erotic photos at the intersection of 12th and Chicon. That corner has changed a lot over the past few years, but has it changed this much?  Go see.

5A.   Trailer Space Records #666

This is a massive art installation created by Spot and his long time collaborators.  This installation took years to create and is still an amazing work in progress a living piece of art.  Seriously, look at the walls and ceiling.  That shit doesn’t just happen.  Plus, you can buy our records there.

6A.   Squid Ink Kollective #87

It should go without saying that screenprinting in this town is some of the best in the motherfucking world.  I’m no expert, but damn, this town has some masters. Squid ink Kollective makes good works and in the past they’ve had some good holiday presents at their stop.  There are a lot of other screen printers worth seeing… Bearded Lady, Obsolete, Arts + Rec, Alchemy Designs, Nakatomi, Rural Rooster, and on and on…

7A.   Elizabeth Chiles  #108

At this point you are now in the Canopy Beehive and there are many many places showing.  Take a few extra moments to look at the photos

8A.   Canoe   #80

Leather abounds. I’ve seen good work from Canoe in years past.   Also, if I recall correctly, they had a station set up last year so you can try your hand at the craft, which is surprisingly satisfying.

9A.   The Museum of Human Achievement   #364

This place’s address is secret, but I’ll give you a hint. Walk far back into the parking lot behind canopy, where the giant dirt parking lot is. There’s a big building there that looks suspect, no signage. That might be it. Monofonus will have some of our new ‘zines scattered there amongst the collaborative DIY Ikea inspired installation.

10A.   Comb Case Co.  #76

This stop boasts much more than just the beautiful customized vintage luggage created by Comb Case Co.  There is also fine art, sculpture, and graphic design at this excellent little compound tucked behind the lumber yard.

11A.   Nudge Studio   #152  Bay #7

These series of surreal room paintings take me to a special place.  There’s a deceiving simpleness to the execution, but I think that it’s much more complicated than that.

12A.   Revival Cycles  #350

This motorcycle shop is a giant work of art.

13A.   Sally Weber  #145

This studio hidden away inside one of the giant cement warehouses on Smith rd. is wonderful last stop.  There are amazing holograms, large formate photographs, and drawing machines.  The meeting of high science and high art.  Very cool.


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