E.A.S.T. tour route B

This Route takes you just outside the center of the action and then heads down Cesar Chavez (and transitions easily into Tour C which includes drinking of beer and coffee, as well as excellent unofficial stops).  It’s an easy 2.3 miles on bike, but there’s a lot to see, so it will take your more than the 12 minutes it would take to ride.  A fine walk too.

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1B.   Suzanne wyss   #225 

A lot happens in these buildings here, but usually its done quietly.  I’m into to Suzanne Wyss’ sculptures and installations and am looking forward to seeing what she does among these sprawling quiet brick boxes.

 2B.   Barry DeCola & Alexandra Eusebi DeCola     #67

Part of the vibe of the buildings here on Tillery is craft.  There are great handmade books and a video production company.  This particular workshop makes beautiful stained glass doors and windows.  It’s not heavy on the gallery presentation, but if you step back and consider living with a stained glass creation, this is a place to further imagine that reality.

3B.   Co-lab Projects  #337

Fuckin’ A! Co-lab Projects is a kind of miracle of a place. It’s a pipeline for Austin art production. It challenges everybody who engages with it to make something striking and share it with the world.   Stop there on the tour, but really, the point is that Colab should be on your radar.  Go to one of their regular openings and see what I’m talking about. They shoot off artistic fireworks regularly. If one of the shows doesn’t work for you, the next one will.

 4B.   Michalovic wood art #221

 This stop is for the wood workers and stump players, of which there are many excellently skilled ones in this town.   Arron Michalovic has made wood art for businesses and homes all over town and he’s got a great vision.  Andy Rihn will be offering free samples of his excellent dice games as well as a chance to play some rounds of the most excellent game STUMP.   Adam Young, Anna Klausman, and others will also show some of their work here, which you will be glad you stumbled upon. Bring a beer, drink it, play a game, and relax.

5B.   Bearded Lady  #219

Josh Chalmers and Abi Daniel make seriously beautiful silkscreens in this studio and that’s only half of it.  We love these people for who they are and how they work.   Their shop has lots of easy things for you to buy as well.  Mason McFee has a studio there, and we’re huge fans of his work.  Easy stop to check out so very talented folks.

 6B.   Court Lurie  #205

Court’s paintings and photographs explore the intimate and infinite possibilities of colors and patterns.  This is a nice entry into ArtPost, which has tons of artists showing.  Make sure to linger and enjoy the goods spots when you find them, and then keep cruising.  Follow your gut and don’t get stuck.

7B.   Jules Buck Jones  #211

Full disclosure, this guy is a close friend and collaborator. That said, he’s also an inspiring example of constantly evolving and exciting art.  Drawings, large scale paintings, sculptures, animation, prints, etc…  All of it connects to a central vision and ventures forward towards greatness.  Jules also shares his studio space with the multi-talented Drew Liverman.  Drew is capable of epic paintings as well as numerous design and programming feats.  This is a quality warehouse stop.  Looks shitty on the outside, magic inside.

8B.   Michael Sieben  #238 

Michael Sieben is a force of creation.  His drawings, illustrations, murals, skateboards, prints, and books keep on delivering the goods.  He won the critic’s table award for best Austin artist this year.  Stop on by and see what’s up.

 9B.   Switched on


This store is full of art. Interactive, aural, visual.   You are invited to play and to dream in sound here.   This store is a showroom for so many people who poured their lives into imagining electronic sound.  The curators have done amazing work in offering us this space to explore.


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