E.A.S.T. 2014 Tour ______ Route C

This is the outro tour.  Or maybe it’ll be the only one that you want to engage with.  I don’t know.  It starts with two excellent galleries that are pioneering the future of art in Austin.  Then there’s some beer as art, followed by impressive reminders that art takes many amazing forms such shops and tattoos and butchery.  More beer and then two wonderful studio stops at the end.  You should feel nice and buzzed after this one.

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1C.   grayDUCK Gallery  #325

The show on at Gray Duck right now is excellent and very interesting.  The Front Gallery, Decoy is showing beautiful pencil and water color pieces by Jayne Lawrence and Pamela Valfer…  And the larger back room has some work by that really speaks to me created by Adrian Landon Brooks.  A great little gallery.  Think about buying art from them.  Places like this are hard to sustain.

 2C.   Hops and Grain  #beer

Now sustaining a great beer making facility is hard work, but it’s work that people will pay good money for.  This beer is great, and the tasting room is a great place to explore this hoppy art work outside of the can.  Plus, MASS is right down the hallway.   You can bring beer between the two places.  Totally legal and awesome.

3C.   MASS Gallery #333

This place is  great.  It the ceramics and bronze sculptures that are on exhibit in the gallery during E.A.S.T. offer a great look into what MASS is capable of.  But their vision is grand and expansive and deserves multiple visits.  Put them on your radar.  You’ll be glad that you’re connected to the work that they’re doing.

4C.   East side bikinis    #Bikinis

This shop is an amazing example of neighborhood installation art. You can appreciate the mural and gaze through the windows. Or go inside and get fitted for a custom bikini. Long form installation.

5C.   Salt and thyme #Meat

Meat as art.  These folks know how to do it.  If you’re a meat eater, try some of the work that they offer.  A few slices of this or that might blow your mind.   Or get a bigger cut.  Stare at the pig head and beef ribs hanging out.  Good stuff.

6C.   Triple Crown Tattoo   #Ink

There are great tattoo artists working in this town.  Why not take this opportunity to get some ink under your skin.  This place is a good bet.

7C. Austin school of photography #313

Stop in and take a look at the work.  The art of photography these days is in a weird state.  It’s important to remember that just because everybody carries a camera with them on their phone, photography is still capable of achieving great heights.  These people can help you get higher.

8C. Brew and Brew   #Coffee and Beer

Good beer, good coffee, and their charcuterie board is a good post tour snack.

9C.   Sophie Roach #274 

I really like the work that Sophie Roach does.  It’s a beautiful blend of cartoon and deep mystery psychedelia.  There’s a depth to all of the work that she makes.  Check it out.

10C.   Lisa Choinacky #282   

Lisa has made a great diversity of work and her latest work is with black ink and white paper.  Part of the beauty of something like E.A.S.T. is that you might get a glimpse into how people keep making art and what keeps them connected to the process.  Most artists keep exploring and striving to discover meaning.  These are all pieces to the puzzle.  Pick some of the pieces up and put them into your life.