Duncan Malashock

Temple from Duncan Malashock on Vimeo.

Whether through home-recorded music or digital art, Duncan Malashock fuses his influences from the past into the present, combining a slick Californian utopianism with a d.i.y. bedroom-studio ethic.  Measured synthesizer pulses and drum machine beats are banged out by hand, awash in haze and reverb; nervous digital transformations are tempered by tape and tubes; smooth but worn, nostalgically modern, new wave production masterminded on the cheap.  On his recent 7-inch release on Monofonus Press, which includes the goth-glam guitar pop “Let’s Make Sure Everything Is A Thing” and the cavernous avant-disco “Girls Collide”, Malashock blends less-is-more techniques into more-is-more compositions, while managing to avoid the simplistic.



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